Wednesday, March 21, 2012

US/candian tour 2012 and LP

This is from our friends at human trafficking;

BIBLETHUMPER-DECIMATION should be out early april, tests are approved and everything should be done next week in time for their tour of a majority of the U.S. and parts of NW Canada. DECIMATION is a ripping piece of wax with 9 tracks of raw and noisy hardcore dbeat punk from this 2 man bass/drum group. Check out 2 tracks of this bad boy on their bandcamp or here at

check them out on tour here:
03/30 Washington D.C. @ The Rocketship w/ SicK fix, Cloud Rat, Dying
03/31 Baltimore, MD @ Piss Palace w/ Hammerthrow and Spoilage
04/01 Richmond, VA @ Tyler’s house w/ Dry Spell and Tanglefoot
04/02 Rock hill, SC w/ Cheap Art
04/03 Atlanta, GA @ House show w/ Cheap Art
04/04 Nashville, TN @ Tower two of WTC w/ Haldol, Red Elk, Thetan, Athame and Horn Bearer
04/05 Dallas, TX @ TBA w/ Deadline
04/06 Houston, TX w/ Chest Pain
04/07 Austin, TX @ Slamalot w/ Chest Pain, Resin Scraper and Headache
04/08 Las Cruces, NM @ Trainyard w/ Sickoids
04/10 Phoenix, AZ
04/11 Los Angeles, CA
04/12 Pomona, CA
04/13 Los Angeles, CA
04/14 San Francisco, CA @ Lipo Longue w/ Sickoids, Merdoso, Proto-Regime and Beat Guts
04/15 Oakland, CA A Day Show w/ Unfun
04/17 Eureka, CA @ Ink Annex
04/18 Portland, OR
04/19 Vancouver, BC
04/20 Calgary, AB
04/21 Saskatoon, SK @ the Dungeon w/ Smogress and Grimace
04/22 Winnipeg, MB @ All the Way House w/ Egyptian Art Strike and Plague
04/23 Minneapolis, MN @ Memory Lanes w/ Dude Party and Horror Squad
04/24 Madison, WI
04/25 Cleveland, OH
04/26 Buffalo, NY
04/27 New Paltz, NY @ Mosh Depot w/ Nailed Shut
04/28 Boston, MA
04/29 New York, NY

we'll update the tour dates as more info comes but almost every date is booked.

Jersey dogs pick up the record at the gig on may 4th at ray cappos catina or at, the records will go up when the vinyl/covers are in hand and ready to ship, no pre order non sense.

Hope you dogs dig it as much as I do, this is a split release with the ever illustrious matt needles and his DEPLETED RESOURCES label, check the links, still have maybe 5 copies of the DETHRONED EMPEROR "UNDERMINE" tape a bunch of new distro stuff and will have everything this weekend at the last black kites/troublemaker gig. -Madden

Sunday, March 11, 2012

record release party

MAY 4th 2012
 RAY Cappo's CAntina
New Brunswick, NJ
                                 EMAIL for ADDRESS
Bible thumper - new LP out, just returning from 31 day US tour, welcome back party, record release party, Mark bronzino's bday party, and just a parrty

Loose Ends - some of the best hardcore nj has to offer from some of the best dudes

Old Wounds - heavy hitting monsters ready to stomp yer skull bone

Secret Lives - fuck your face mid tempo mosh fest, population you

Softdov - mule fuel will get you high

yes alcohol and yes drugs and yes to straight edge too, lets all hang out and get wild

$5 or no fun for you

TOUR dates up SOON
2 NEW LP TRACKS COMING to the internet SOON