Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Upcoming shows

6/23/12 The swamp Brooklyn, NY W/ All torn up! Cultivator (Pitt) Comrade collective 8pm $6 Address??? Email 6/24/12 Punk island Glacial doom stage Our set is 1:40p, many many bands Show starts at 11:30a-5p $? 6/29/12 The dolphin Philadelphia, PA W/ Angel crust More tba 7/16/12 Lit lounge 93 second ave. New York, ny W/ Twin lords More two piece bass and drums metal tba 9p $6 7/19/12 Acheron Brooklyn, NY W/ Budd Dwyer The communion Rapid decay (RI) 7/22/12 Bath haus. New Brunswick, NJ W/ Dethroned Emperor Dopestroke Munchausen 7p $5 8/7/12 RCCantina new Brunswick, NJ W/ Wiccans (tx) Kicking spit Tba 7p $5